Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's About Building On Your Lot

How much will it cost to build on my land?

There are differing levels of homesite preparation depending on the location and unique features of your lot.  Some lots need very little prep work; other will need clearing, grading, or private well & septic.  We offer a free site evaluation by our construction superintendent to determine the site specific costs for your unique lot.  Our construction personnel will walk the site with you to determine any additional costs due to the specific needs of your homesite.

If I don't have land already, how do I find land?

Most people don’t already have a lot when they first visit us.  We can refer you to a real estate professional who is experienced in land and lots to help find your perfect homesite.

How do you know if you build in my area?

We generally build within 25 miles of our company office in Ramsey, MN.

Can I get started if I have an existing home to sell?

Absolutely.  We can complete your house plans, do the homesite evaluation and make all your color and option selections so we are ready to start as soon as you sell.  If your financial situation allows, we may even be able to begin construction before you sell your existing home. 

How long does it take to build a home?

We generally take under 4 months to build once we begin excvating.  

Will you build a plan we bring you?

We have many great plans styles and at various size increments. Generally, we want to build from our plans.  Most times, one of our plans get close to what you have in mind.

How do I get the site work done?

You will contract some of these site specific items yourself, saving money in the process. After the site evaluation, we will help you determine costs for septic, well, driveway, tree removal, landscape, and demo (if applicable).  You can use our referrals or you can use your own.  We will help you contract with these trades and provide advice and coordination, as well as ensure they all get paid through your construction loan. 

How much down payment is required at contract signing?

If you are building on acreage, we ask for $1,000.0 down at initial base contract.  This money is used to pay for a septic design and lot survey.  Both of these items are necessary to determine your site preparation and costs.  If you don’t go ahead with the build, you get to keep the septic design and survey.  Once you have completed a preconstruction meeting and have determined your total cost of the project, we ask for 5% down payment before we dig.  Check with your lender to find out their down payment requirements.  They may differ from what we require.

Will my price go up once I’m under contract?

Once you have signed your Total Cost Document, your home price will not go up.  However, the site work items you are contracting could increase if your property requires special dirt work.

10 How do I find out how much my new home will cost?

First make an appointment with your Capstone New Home Consultant and start from there.  We help you select your favorite plan and price out the options you want to include in your home.  Next, determine the cost of your land and the site specific items needed to complete your project. We will work with you to get accurate estimates for septic, well, etc., so you can make a decision based on the total cost of your project.  Total project costs include house, plus lot, plus options, plus site specific improvements needed.

11 What’s included in the base price?

We keep a list of included feature for “On Your Lot”.  This list is slightly different than our “Community Homes Included Features List”.  We start from here and then you can pay only for the options you want.

12 Are there additional building costs per City or community?

Some cities or communities have their own fee and permit schedules.  Some have different building requirements.  We call these City Specific Costs & Requirements.  We have staff that find out these costs before you commit to your home project.

13 Can you refer me to a lender who specializes in new construction?

Yes, just ask our New Home Consultant, or visit our OYL Finance Section on this website.