Choosing A Site

Location, Location…

First consider where you need to be on a regular basis.  Access to work, school, church, relatives, and shopping all may play a part in where you need to be close to.  Most people want to try to balance several factors, including cost.  Typically, the farther your drive away from the city the larger and better quality lot you will get for the money. 

Starting Your Search for Land:

Once you have decided on a general area; here are a few avenues to search for your lot:

  • Multiple listing service – check with a local real estate company.
  • We can refer you to local real estate agents that are experienced in land transactions in your area.  Just call and we will put you in contact

Some Consideration on Acreage Lots:

  • Electricity and gas availability.  Distance away from future foundation
  • Tree coverage.  Will trees need to be cleared?
  • Drainage – Does water flow away after rain or does it puddle?
  • Average depth of wells in the area.  Wells can cost $8,000.00 – 9,000.00 based on a 100’ depth.
  • Septic.  Has the lot been approved for a septic and what type of system is required?  A mound system could cost up to $20,000.00 and a standard septic could be as low as $10,000.00.  The price is determined after a septic design is done and approved.
  • Dirt balance.  Will the lot need extra time in excavation or fill to build up for a walkout?
  • Driveway length.  How long?  Is it paved or class 5?  Do you need a culvert?
  • Placement of the home.  Typically, you will want your garage on the high point of the lot. We will help to position your house to maximize views, balance dirt, consider drainage, trees, cost of driveway, placement of well & septic, and future landscape.  This takes place at the site evaluation. 

Some Considerations on City Lots:

  • Neighborhood protective covenants.  Are there any restrictions about house size or type, pets, fences, etc?
  • Is the lot wide enough to fit your house in the designated building pad?  Make sure you understand the setbacks and easements so you know your home fits.
  • Grade – is the lot graded as a walkout, lookout, or full basement?

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