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May 15, 2024

Regardless of your current living situation, chances are that something about your current home isn’t working out as well as you would like. When it comes to your daily life, these items can be seen as “pain points” and are most likely not promoting love for your home and may even be hindering the flourishing you know is possible in your life. When you meet with one of the Capstone Homes sales counselors it is our job to not only hear and understand what you’re trying to move from, but equally help you discover the dream of home you are looking for! Regardless of the pain points, we’re here to serve you by creatively working together and moving towards solutions. It really can be true that you find a home you will love to call your own!  

Although there can be several, what are a few of the most common pain points that hinder us from loving our homes and flourishing in whatever season of life we’re currently in?

1. Not enough square footage
■ Main challenges:
Do you find yourself continually rubbing shoulders with the fact that you need more space? Is daily living more difficult than it needs to be because those living in the home are continually fighting over who gets the bathroom, where they get to play inside, who can be in the kitchen, when will they get their own bedroom, will a home office ever be possible, could we ever have a workout room, how about a sun room to enjoy watching the sunset, and of course, can we get some peace and quite (!).

■ Solution:
What if we could help you find a floor plan that eliminated the daily challenges that your current home seems only to promote? 

2. Too much square footage
■ Main challenges:
Maybe you’ve been in your home for many, many years and although it’s been a great home it’s not helping you enter the next season of life. There might be far too many stairs in the home, maybe you need to go up or down multiple levels just to do laundry, you may have had children move out and now the reality of maintaining the home and property requires work and time you would rather be spending enjoying the things you love most! 

■ Solution:
What if we could help you find a rambler or slab on grade home that worked for you and not against you? In some of our communities you can even actually sit back and enjoy a cold drink on a hot summer day as you watch your lawn be mowed and maintained by the association instead of doing it yourself! 

3. Location change 
■ Main challenges:
Relocating for work? Having a child (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or more)? Transitioning school districts? Wanting to be closer to trails, amenities, nature, or favorite activities?  Wanting a different homesite with more privacy or space? 

 ■ Solution:
Out of Capstone’s many strategically planned out communities, what if we could help you discover a new location that provides you a place to not only call home, but a place to love living! 

You might have identified strongly with one of the above points or maybe you have another significant reason for making a move. No matter the reason, the sales counselors at Capstone Homes stand ready, willing, and able to help you discover the dream of home you’ve been longing for! Let’s creatively work together and help you discover the home you deserve!

Ryan Fleck
Sales Counselor

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