Things to Consider for Your Home Office

March 22, 2024

As the trend of working from home becomes more common, customers are looking for a home with spaces that make that idea a possibility. Capstone offers many innovative home designs that include thoughtfully planned out spaces; whether it’s a flex room or a loft, a dedicated office or a family shared hobby/study zone, Capstone delivers many ways to make working from home both productive and comfortable.

If you are considering a home office space:

Increase your focus and productivity by thoughtfully planning out your furniture design. Arrange a few comfortable chairs around a desk next to a window for a well-lit work area and a focus boost from the natural light. The Capstone Homes Newport model has a designated office on each floor for double the productivity.

Incorporate storage by adding shelves for your most frequently used items and built-in cabinets to tuck your printer and any clutter away for a more streamlined look. 

Don’t forget to put your personal stamp on your space - decorate with items that inspire, a paint color that keeps you focused and calm and add your own touch of quirkiness with that favorite chandelier lamp or the vintage rotary phone you found in an antique shop. Whatever you do, keep it simple and stylish for optimal efficiency. Depending on your personal distinctness, one of at least three different areas in the Water Stone model at Capstone Homes would be perfect to set up for your home office or multipurpose hobby room.

These tips work well for small and shared spaces as well. Use a nook in your family room or loft and apply the same principles, just on a smaller scale. Use multi-functional furniture such as a convertible storage unit or a fold down desk and a storage ottoman in small spaces for maximum impact. 

There are also many who are fans of flexible study spaces that work for all members of the family. Use a flex room or unused bedroom to create a space that meets many needs - a large table can be used for crafting as well as homework and a comfy lounge chair can work for reading or just hanging out. 

The home has truly become even more of a sanctuary in recent years and you deserve a refreshed space to work. Be creative and enjoy your newfound sense of productivity.

Capstone Sales Team
March 22, 2024

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